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work is not given by someone

Human-first principal. We believe that companies should be essentially organizations which emphasize each employee's individuality and give employees the chance to exploit their abilities to the full. Everyone can get a chance and they can open their own way.
Important thing is to make an appeal of yourself and to have sense of rivalry with co-workers. You should make good use of the company in order to work for yourself rather than working only for the company. Work on your own responsibility, it will expand your ability and it will be your own benefit.

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Management plans for each period become a support, development, and its goals and steps for corporations. Hirai formulates an annual plan and a medium-and long-term plan based on a top policy. A plan includes a goal and an operation plan of each employee including managers of each division. We make clear what action should be exercised to achieve an annual goal. We emphasize processes more than results to train problem finding abilities"analytical abilities" and "problem solving abilities".

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Hirai has been introducing the Amoeba management which is small groups and departmental management started by our customer, Kyocera since 1994.
We divide both sales departments and producing departments into small groups which are called Amoeba as assuming corporations. Each Amoeba has a leader and pursues profits by managing sales, purchases, budgets and labor hours, and they work hard with aim of securing profits. Each member of Amoeba even thinks how to use materials such as chemicals and expendables such as stationery. They also participate in the activities with a leader.

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Hirai has several events for supporting free time of employees to make good work surroundings that employees can work healthy and comfortable. We have welcome parties, birthday parties, sports festivals, cherry blossoms viewing party to make good bonds between employees of different branches. Finally, there is a company trip every year which employees enjoy every time.
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