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Representative greetings

HIRAI always make rapid progress challenge, tomorrow.

Thank you very much for visiting Hirai WEB site. We were founded in (1967) in 1967 and grew up as a company of the industry’s greatest scale even if Japan watched it worldwide than the cause as a photoetching processing primary occupation maker.

We offer the high added value, high quality and short delivery. We supply the products from the prototype for the R&D of the visitor more than 1,000 inside to a mass production. In addition, we satisfy the environmental regulation becoming restrictive positively. For customers’ requirement, we make full use of various processing technique (manufacturing, surface treatment, joining technology) we own in house as well as our photoetching processing.
Our target is that we are discussed by customers when they are troubled with processing. We will repeat an effort every day towards.

Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo Corporation
President Komei Hirai