Company Information

We protect wealthy natures in an environmentally friendly way

We live with other animals and plants in suitable natural environments on the beautiful and brilliant earth in vast universe. However, our everyday lives or corporate production activities have damaging effects such as pollutants emission or natural resources consumption to regional or even global environment. Those ecocides sometimes deprive of the environment from other animate beings, or even undermine human environments.
We will keep seeking for more comfortable life in the future as we have been. However, it must be worked with protecting rich natural environment around us. It is important for us to aim at sustainable growth of ourselves keeping the balance of environment conservation with the most careful attention.
Our headquarters is located in Osaka called the water city which was developed through numerous rivers and water channels. We also have factory in Ogaki city, Gifu which is rich in good underground water, and in Arao city, Kumamoto which is endowed with nature. Our factory which are surrounded by attractive mountains and rivers supply various parts, mainly etched parts but also additionally processed parts used in wide variety of industries such as semiconductor, electronics, communication or automotive etc.
We positively participate in environmental conservation activities based on the scheme to ISO14001 in Ogaki since January 1999, and in Kumamoto since July 2001. We have been making efforts to realize cyclical society that utilizes limited resources effectively to reduce usage of materials and energy, to promote recycling system through whole business activities in an environmentally friendly way.
We will aim for business activities that make fewer burdens on environments in the future.

Quality and Environmant Policy

  • For reliability and customer satisfaction, we stably provide our customers with products of the top-class quality in the shortest lead time under the environment-friendly production system.
  • We comply with the legal requirements and with other requirements to which we subscribe, including the management of chemical substances in products.
  • We carry out continuous improvement activities based on our management plans.

Komei Hirai

C.E.O. Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo Corporation
April 1, 2017

Code of Conduct

1.Achieve customer satisfaction
We always bear in mind that HIRAI’s business is built upon relationship with our customers. We stably supply products with good quality which we can satisfy customer’s requirement.
2.Fair and proper business
We comply with laws and regulations, and make fair business practices under free competition. We do not provide or receive unfair profit from customers, stakeholders, or government.
3.Disclosure and protection of information
We disclose proper information of our company and products to stakeholders. We respect the intellectual property along with controlling and protecting personal or customers information by using the latest information security system.
4.Respect for human rights
In any case, we respect for fundamental human rights. We respect employees’ personality, comply with laws and regulations, and achieve equal opportunity of employment.
5.Environmental initiatives
We address energy saving and prevention of global warming by pro-environmental behavior based on the environmental management system. We control chemical substances properly.
6.Harmony with society
As “good corporate citizen”, we actively work on environmental protection and community service. We firmly stand against antisocial forces or groups, and promote Responsible Minerals Sourcing to eradicate inhumane acts such as conflicts, human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labor, abuse, and war crimes in countries around the world.
7.Health and safety
We comply with laws and regulations, and try to maintain and improve the level of work environment which are safe and comfortable. We work on industrial accident prevention, and support employees’ healthcare.
8.Quality improvement
We implement continuous quality improvement by implementing PDCA based on quality management system.
9.Continuous growth
We create the management plan with continued improvements. We always aim for the development of employees abilities and learn new knowledge and techniques.
10.Dissemination of Code of Conduct
All of the board and employees of HIRAI SEIMITSU KOGYO CORP. conduct business in accordance with this code of conduct. We disseminate this code of conduct to all of our group companies and business partners.