Privacy Policy


Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Hirai”) keeps customer’s personal information to provide various services.
Hirai will protect customer’s personal information, and provide reliability and security to customers.
We comply with laws related to personal information, and implement appropriate handling of personal information.

1. Obtaining personal information

Hirai obtains customer’s personal information properly without fraud. We may collect personal information within the extent necessary with following cases.

  1. Questions・Inquiries

2. Use of personal information

Hirai uses the personal information within the extent necessary for achieving following purpose. In case of using personal information other than below, we will obtain their agreement first.

  1. To answer or confirm customer’s question and inquiries
  2. To use for statistics information which unidentified personal information

3. Security of personal information

Hirai takes necessary and appropriate actions to prevent leak, loss or damage of personal information.

4. Entrustment to third party

In case of entrusting a whole or part of the personal information to the third party, Hirai checks this third party strictly and monitor them to keep security of personal information.

5. Provision of any personal information to third party

Hirai does not provide the personal information to the third party without agreement, except as specified in laws and regulation such as personal information protection law.

6. Disclosure / correction of personal information

Hirai discloses personal information promptly when the principal requests to disclose their self-information. However, we will not disclose the information in case we cannot confirm that you are the principal.
If there is an error in the content of personal information and request for correction, addition or deletion from the person himself / herself, we respond to these requests promptly after investigation. However, we will not respond to these requests if we cannot confirm that you are the principal.
Please contact us if you have any requests or inquiries regarding handing of personal information.

Company name Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo Corp.
Address 3-4-34, Tenmabashi, kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0042
Tel +81.6-6351-6712

7. Organizational Structure

Hirai will make Hirai Komei the person in charge of personal information management and we will carry out proper management and continuous improvement of personal information.

8. Other notes

Third-party sites and services linked from content managed by our company and advertisements posted, etc. have established provisions on the protection of personal information independent of our company and data collection agreement.
We do not undertake any obligation or responsibility for these terms and activities.

9. Continuous improvement of management method of personal information

Hirai reviews the management method of personal information and we will continuously make improvements.

10. Change of this policy

The content of this policy may change.
With regard to this policy after change, unless otherwise specified by our company, it will take effect from the time it is posted on this site.