Hirai TechnologySurface finish process

Consistent production system for various plating process

We established the production systems which are able to handle various plating types. Furthermore, we also have the selective Ag plating line for leadframe.
We can provide consistent service from etching to selective Ag plating and downset process.

Plating Process

Full plating, Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pd, Sn plating and selective plating are available.
We can also offer other plating requirements such as selective Ni, stripe Ni, selective Ag with small area,and other various plating demands

Soft Etching Process(Overall Etching Process)

It can be used to make the metal surface dull and textured surface which improve adhesion with resin.This process is also able to remove edges and make them smooth.

Electropolish process

This process make the stainless steel surface smooth with brightness.Application of this process has many ways such as “Want brightness” or “Want to remove roughness of material surface” etc.

Chemical Polishing Process

Material have more luster than original material surface by chemically corrode.It can be used for removing burrs of stamped parts.This process is FAI only.

Blasting Process

Light shielding is made by making material surface rough.This process can expect anchor effect which is necessary for assemble the parts.

Black Oxide Process

Black oxide layer is formed on metal surface. It is effective for antireflection and improvement of durability. This process is available for both SUS series and Cu series.
Surface brightness can be increased by adding blasting process on the black oxide surface.

Standard specification of Plating

Plating Overall plating
Max. processing size (mm)
Selective plating
Electrolyric Ni(Semi-bright) 450×450
Electrolyric Ni(bright) 500×500
Electroless Ni 350×350
Electroless Ni(Black) Need to be discussed
Electroless Ni-PTFE Need to be discussed
Soft Au 350×350 △(Plating thickness : max. 0.2μ)
Hard Au 350×350
Electroless Au Need to be discussed
Ag(Bright/Dull) 500×500
Ag(Semi-bright) 260×80 〇 Only selective plating
Ag(Dull) 450×450
Cu(Dull) 500×500 Need to be discussed
Cu(Semi-bright) 450×450 Need to be discussed
Cu(Bright)Acid 500×300
Sn(Dull) 500×500 Need to be discussed
Sn(bright) 450×450 Need to be discussed
Pd(Dull) 450×450
PPF(Ni/Pd/Au) 500×300