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Etched products + adhesive processing

[Tape adhesive processing]

Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo can provide everything from etching, which is our specialty, to adhesive tape.

There are various types of tapes, so please feel free to contact us to find out what we can do to suit your purpose.


[Applications for adhering heat sinks]

The issue of heat generation is an issue with the lead frames for power packages that we help with etching.

To improve heat dissipation characteristics, a copper heat sink may be attached.

We select the adhesive sheet properties and thickness, including reflow resistance, according to the usage environment and application, and provide composite products including bonded products.


[Attachment of adhesive film for semiconductor PKG]

In semiconductor PKG, heat dissipation due to the increased number of pins is an issue.

In this case, a heat sink such as a stiffener or heat spreader may be installed and bonded to the board using a thermosetting adhesive sheet.

At Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo, we can process various types of films from punching them into shapes according to the purpose to adhering them to heat sink substrates.

In addition, the heat sink itself may be manufactured by etching.

Additionally, upon request, we can perform heat curing treatment in a nitrogen atmosphere after bonding with other components.

For adhesive sheet materials that require refrigerated storage, we have created an environment where they can be kept under refrigeration (below 5°C), allowing us to provide high-quality products.


[Prevention of back leakage when sealing lead frame with resin]

In the manufacturing method of QFN lead frames, which encapsulate multiple semiconductor chips at once, encapsulation is performed using resin.

To prevent this resin from leaking to the required surface, we can provide polyimide tape attached to the outer side of the lead frame.

Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo supports a wide variety of tapes from various tape manufacturers, including adhesive types, thermosetting types, and thermoplastic types, and achieves high-quality application processing.

It is also possible to simply attach tape to the frames provided by you, such as pressed products other than etched frames.


[Tape/film punching]

We punch various tapes, PI films, and Teflon sheets into the desired shape using a pinnacle die or Thomson die.

Electrical/electronic parts, precision parts, equipment jigs, etc. that require insulation and fixation.

The design is free, and the tape can be customized to suit your needs.

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