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Plating on leadframes

【Plating on lead frames】

Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo (Hirai) can add value to lead frames by performing plating process after producing lead frames.

Plating is a type of surface treatment, which is a processing technology to form a metal thin film on a metallic or non-metallic surface.

Hirai’s plating are two types: Electrolytic plating and Electroless plating.

Electrolytic plating is a process in which the metal is immersed in the electrolytic solution and deposited the metal on the surface through electricity.

Electroless plating is a processing technology to deposit plating by applying a chemical reaction instead of electricity.

Electrolytic plating is often used as a surface treatment for lead frames.

Plating covers wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lubrication and appearance.

Plating is applied to lead frames to improve bonding with bonding wires while mounting IC chips and other components.

【Types of plating used for lead frames】

Electrolytic plating used for lead frames frequently is silver (Ag) plating, which has well electrical conductivity.

 You can select the glossy condition from bright, matte, and semi-bright even silver (Ag)spec.

Hirai can also perform selective plating in addition to overall electrolytic plating.

There is a case of requesting selective plating with the reasons for the cost reduction during mass production or adhesion during molding.

Electroless nickel (Ni) plating is available for electroless plating

It is possible to plate not only in sheet form but also in a single piece after bending, which is difficult to obtain continuity.

It is also possible to apply electroless nickel as a base coating and then apply electrolytic gold (Au) in combination.

Hirai can perform the plating not only for lead frames but also for other products after etching process.

Please inform us if you have any requested plating specifications.

We can also propose based on your needs, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

We also provide plating services for products supplied by our customers.