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Selective plating process

Hirai Seimitsu Kogyo also provide plating process as an added value to our specialty, etching.

There are two plating methods, which are “full plating” and “selective plating”, and we can provide in either plating.

In particular, we receive requests for selective plating, such as “I want selective plating on different areas on the front and back side,” or “I only want selective plating on the supplied product.”

Selective plating is much more difficult processing technology comparing with full surface plating, however we will use our experience and know-how we have been cultivating over the years to meet our customers’ needs.


Sparger method

Selective plating is performed using a dedicated plating mold which cover unplated areas.

Available materials are Cu material (+Ni plating) and YEF42 material.



Since the mold for plating is created and processed, quality reproducibility during mass production is possible.


Available types of selective plating.

Silver (Ag): Selective Ag (Semi-bright)


Masking method

Selective plating which is not require a mold.

(This is not required a mold like the sparger method, but initial cost is required)


The plating area is exposed and selective plating is performed using the masking method.


 ・We can apply the masking method if the target material is a material that conducts electricity.

・Selective plating other than Ag is possible.

・Plating does not stick to the sides and half-etched surfaces.

・Selective plating in a smaller area is possible compared to the sparger method.

・Positional accuracy is within ±0.05 (need discussion depending on specifications).

・Short lead-time is possible since no need to make mold.

・We can produce small quantities of prototypes with low cost since mold is not required.


Available types of selective plating

Nickel (Ni): Selective Ni (semi-bright), Selective Ni (bright)

Gold (Au): Selective soft Au,

Silver (Ag): Selective Ag (matte)

Copper (Cu): Selective Cu (bright)

Tin/Tin (Sn): Selective Sn (matte)

Nickel (Ni), Palladium (Pd), Gold (Au): Selective PPF (Ni/Pd/Au)



Our selective plating can provide from 1pc of prototype.

The plating specifications are not limited to Ag plating, but also special selective plating such as selective PPF (Ni + Pd + Au plating).

We also have a variety of experiences such as removing the plating from existing products and applying a different plating.

We will make proposals based on your needs, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding plating.